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We have been relying on the people at CalendarRules since 2005. In CalendarRules we have found the most reliable and robust court rules available….

—Katten Muchin Rosenman


Rules Available Across the US

  • State/Local Rules
  • Federal/Judges Rules
  • Appellate Rules
  • Bankruptcy Rules
  • IP Rules
  • Custom Rules

Finally, the perfect Court Rules tool for firms that use Microsoft Outlook.

CalendarRules for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook Add-in developed by CalendarRules specifically for Outlook calendar users. Powerful, yet simple, CalendarRules for Outlook is the only deadline calculation add-in designed specifically to add appointments and tasks to your Outlook calendar from courts from all 50 states, using real-time Court Rules.

Simple to use, powerful results: CalendarRules for Outlook.

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